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brake repair interiorAbout Brake Inspection Encinitas

When it comes to safety, a well-maintained brake system is the highest priority. Brakes need to be serviced on a regular basis and not be worn down to the rotors in order to safely and effectively stop your vehicle. It is important to stay up-to-date with brake inspections, particularly when symptoms of brake wear are present.

There are two types of brake systems on most cars: standard and ABS. A standard brake system is made of a rotor, a caliper, and brake pads or shoes If your brake pads wear down and are not replaced as needed, you may need to replace the rotors as well.

When to get Brake Service

For optimal function and safety, we recommend a brake inspection with every oil change, and/or when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Spongy or slow to respond brake pedal
  • Squeaking, chirping or grinding while braking
  • Steering wheel vibration while braking
  • Reduced stopping power
  • Soft pedal
  • Low brake pedal
  • Brake system light

What to Expect with Your Brake Service & Repair in Encinitas

At Brad’s Foreign and Domestic, it is our goal to help keep you and your family safe on the road. Our brake service includes a thorough inspection and/or repair of the brake system components:

  • We carefully measure brake pad thickness
  • We carefully measure the rotors and pads (or drums and shoes)
  • We inspect the level and condition of brake fluid
  • We ensure the calipers, brake lines, and master cylinder are all in optimal condition

When we find significant wear we will make recommendations based on the needs of your vehicle. As needed, we repair and replace brake pads, rotors, shoes, drums, and other brake components. Our trusted team of certified technicians will maintain the highest quality standards in all brake inspections, repairs & replacements to ensure your safety and protection.

Encinitas Brake Repair Tips

Follow these tips to help keep your brakes working properly:

  • Get your brakes inspected with every oil change
  • Pay attention to any changes in your braking system when you drive
  • Never drive with the parking brake on
  • Have your brake fluid tested and replaced as required. Keep in mind if you are having  to add fluid more than every couple of months, you may have a leak

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