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Here at Brad’s we believe great automotive maintenance starts with you! Over the years we’ve gathered some valuable experience and can offer you some advice on how to be the best car owner you can be.

Practice Routine Maintenance
We believe a vehicle is a big responsibility because it needs routine maintenance to keep running at it’s best. Below is our quick reference list of maintenance items and how often to service them –

    • Oil Change – Every 3,000 – 5,000 Miles
    • Rotate Tires – Every 7,500 Miles
    • Windshield Wipers – Every 6 Months
    • Brake Pads – Inspect a/ Every Trip to Auto Shop
    • Air Filter – Every 30,000 Miles
    • Broken Bulbs – As Soon As Possible

It’s important to keep track of your automotive [...]

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Brakes are one of the most critical components of a vehicle – without the ability to slow your vehicle you put yourself and others on the road at risk. It’s recommended to have your brake inspected every time you service your vehicle. That number can vary, however, depending on how much you drive, the type of car you drive and what types of conditions you drive in. 

If you find yourself in stop and go traffic often, your brake pads will need to be replaced more frequently. The same goes for long distance commuters, trucks with heavy loads/tows and on-the-go parents or students. Safety first, that’s what we preach here’s at Brad’s Foreign and Domestic auto shop. There’s no such thing as too safe when it comes to your vehicle. Luckily, your brakes will warn you when they need inspecting, they’ll squeak!

There are a few reasons why brakes will give off that sound –

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A battery is an essential part of every vehicle. It supplies electricity to the automobile much like the heart pumps blood throughout the body. At Brad’s we think the more you know about your car’s battery, the less likely you are to get stranded.

Did you know, a typical car battery has a lifespan of just three to five years, this varies based on what car you drive, how you drive it and what type of climate the car spends most of its time in.

In fact, one of the most common reasons a car battery will fail is heat.; it accelerates corrosion. That means we have to pay extra attention to our batteries here in Southern California. You can bring your car to Brad’s for a test of the battery, it will let you know at the state of health to the battery and state of charge.  

Pro Tip: You can extend a [...]

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